Brief Summary of 2022 UC High School Counselor Conference

All UC campuses

1. Starting this year, admission cycle opens on Oct.1st

2. UC campuses are launching a pilot program to offer conditional guaranteed transfer admission to freshman applicants who meet certain criteria.

3. Some of the campuses reshuffled how they review applications, they will use different methods to review the applications (Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, ….). Irvine campus maybe going back to reserve the right to utilize the augmented review process.

UC Berkeley:

1. Berkeley FPF was renamed. (Freshman replaced by First-semester), likely to more accurately reflect the program time frame. Although a slot for alternate major was added to the application, Berkeley may only use that when making waitlist decisions.

2. Undeclared is Ok (but you need to know that for engineering undeclared would be very competitive).

3. Recommendation request will go out to select students.

4. Unsolicited recommendation letters will not be reviewed.

5. ***Berkeley said the admission process shifted toward focusing on low-income/first generation/under-represented minority students.


1. Admission is shifting in favor of in-state applicants.

2. Senior year performance decline will result in admission offer cancellation.

3. Engineering no longer considering alternate major.


1. Need to select an alternate major that is not capped if the first choice major is capped.

2. Qualified freshman applicants may be offered undeclared if not admitted to majors indicated on the application.

UC Irvine:

1. Changed admissions evaluation process and is now admitting by major (including undeclared), that means space limits apply for every major (may be used for waitlist decisions).

2. For Psychology, BA is no longer available. Instead, student should consider Psychology BS, or Cognitive Science BS.

3. More than half of the freshman applicants apply to only 10 majors.

UC Davis

1. For Fall 2022, Davis overenrolled by 1000 students. No expected enrollment changes for Fall 2023.

2. Davis keeps an eye on major but selectivity is more affected by college.

3. Data science major, just opened for Fall 2022, admitted 100 freshman students.


1. For the Fall 2022 admission season, there were 10000 freshman applicants competing for 20 spaces in CS.

2. Entering freshman cannot switch into engineering if admitted to non-engineering major.

UC Santa Cruz

1. Replacing “Human Biology” major with “Global & Community Health” major.

UC Riverside:

1. Its medical school has reserved spots for Riverside undergraduates (Early assurance Program)

UC Merced:

1. Launching a new BS to MD program, with conditional admission to UCSF (Expects to enroll 12 students)

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